Kate Dulcich

AEA • SAG-AFTRA Eligible

You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up!

Broadway World Reviews

"Ms. Dulcich is captivating and stylish as the steely and pragmatic Annabelle."

"Dulcich and Greer seamlessly deliver a volley of hilarious one-liners while ruminating on their characters' romantic history. They move on stage like synchronized fencers, coiling and uncoiling with each other's movements, lunging and parrying, and irresistibly luring the audience into their dance of wits."


Talkin' Broadway, Phoenix

"Kate Dulcich ... is superb. Dulcich portrays Annabelle's practical view of relationships with ease. She expertly shows Annabelle's somewhat pragmatic side to the situations but provides a perfect sense of realism in her line readings that allows the character not to come across as cold, but instead as being completely honest and rational."


Boy Gets Girl

The Happiest Medium

"Boy Gets Girl is both a solid ensemble piece as well as a star turn.  Ultimately what makes Boy Gets Girl so compelling is  Kate Dulcich’s complete understanding of Theresa’s many facets. Guarded, jaded, strong, vulnerable, articulate, frazzled … all these emotions come tumbling out precisely as they are meant to and are given even weight."



"Kate Dulcich’s Theresa was someone I instantly cared about,
which made me personally empathize with her story and worry about her. From the captivating original music ... to the gripping performance by Kate Dulcich..."


Theatre Is Easy

"Although the script’s insights may sometimes seem simplistic or overly naïve, the skill of the actors in this production serve to make the messages expressed more convincing. Dulcich authentically captures Theresa’s tough exterior as well as her frightened vulnerability."


The Taming of the Shrew

TheaterOnline By: Fred McKinnon

"Several wonderful exceptions were created at the heart of the play by the tinderbox chemistry of Kate Dulcich's feisty yet womanly Katherina..."